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Verdicts and Settlements

A Proven Track Record

Gary A. Dordick has won hundreds of six, seven, eight and nine figure verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients.

Dordick Law Corporation success has been in a wide variety of civil cases including multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements against Metropolitan Transit Bus Authority (MTA), the State of California Cal-Trans, automobile manufacturers, school districts and numerous large corporations. Dordick Law Corporation handles automobile, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents, as well as construction injuries, dog bites, product defect litigation and governmental claims.

“I am so fortunate to be an advocate, able to fight for those who can't fight for themselves.” – Gary A. Dordick

Landmark Verdicts and Settlements

  • Taylor Dordick, Jane Doe, Michelle Dordick, and Gary Dordick- Jane Doe v. Fitzgerald $2.28 Billion Verdict

    Doe, Jane v. Fitzgerald $2.28 Billion Verdict - Riverside, California

    April 2023

    On April 25, 2023, a jury returned a verdict of $2.28 billion ($836 million in damages and $1.444 million in punitive damages) in favor of plaintiff Jane Doe in Riverside Superior Court. Doe suffered years of rape and sexual assault at the hands of the defendant, who was eventually arrested and ... Read On

  • Jane Doe v David Alkiviades $900 Million Verdict Los Angeles

    Doe, Jane v. David, Alkiviades $900 Million Verdict - Los Angeles, California

    June 2024

    On June 17, 2024, a Los Angeles Superior Court jury rendered a record $900 million award for rape and sexual harassment against self-proclaimed entertainment billionaire David Alkiviades. Read On

  • O'bymachow v Guerra $3 Million Settlement San Diego

    O'Bymachow v. Guerra $3 Million Settlement - San Diego, California

    October 2023

    Client suffered chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS), as well as injuries to knee, arm, ribs, hand, and neck injuries after defendant opened the car door on him while he was biking past. The case was venued in San Diego. Read On

  • Briones v. Zink - $125 Million Verdict - Ventura County, California

    January 2016

    Mr. Briones suffered paralyzing injuries when struck by a drunk driver. The insurance company refused to timely pay Mr. Briones the $75,000 policy limit claiming Mr. Briones was to blame for the accident. Mr. Dordick was brought in to litigate the case and take the matter to trial. After a four week jury trial in Ventura County, the jury returned a verdict in Mr. Briones' favor in the amount of $125,168,202. This verdict became the largest personal injury verdict in California for the year 2016. Read On

  • Greene v. Driz Chris Bulone Terry Cole $72.65 MIllion Verdict Los Angeles

    Greene v. Driz et al - $72,645,492 Verdict - Los Angeles, California

    July 2021

    Good Samaritans came to aid of a TMZ photographer who was being assaulted by intoxicated patrons leaving a Los Angeles restaurant. The $72,645,492 jury award is thought to be the largest in history for a case of predominantly PTSD injuries. Read On

  • Steward v. Stratus Security Services - $55.3 Million Verdict - San Bernardino

    Steward v. Stratus Security Services - $55.3 Million Verdict - San Bernardino, California

    June 2013

    Gary A. Dordick obtained a record-setting $55 million verdict for a Rancho Cucamonga man, Antonio Steward, against Stratus Security Services, Inc. Steward lost his legs when a private security guard failed to protect him from a gang member who shot him at his Fontana apartment building. Steward's negligence lawsuit claimed the guard should have dispersed a group of men drinking and partying outdoors who were in violation of the apartment's rules. Read On

  • Murillo v. U-Haul - $42,750,000 Settlement - San Bernardino

    Murillo v. U-Haul - $42.7 Million Settlement - San Bernardino, California

    October 2021

    All corporate defendants were held completely accountable for injuries sustained by plaintiff Eric Murillo, who leaped from a burning and heavily smoking U-Haul truck onto the I-10 freeway below, impacting the back of his skull. Murillo had rented the truck only about ten minutes earlier and drove just seven miles.  Read On

  • I-580 Freeway (Alameda County) - $36 Million Arbitration Verdict/Settlement

    Rodriguez v. Doe - $36.12 Million Arbitration Verdict - Alameda County, California

    September 2011

    The Rodriguez case arose out of a big-rig truck versus automobile collision on the I-580 freeway. The plaintiffs stopped their vehicle on the side of the freeway. The defendant big-rig truck claimed the vehicle was cut off by a motorcycle causing him to swerve into the rear of the plaintiff's parked vehicle, but the truth was proven at trial.  Read On

  • Krystle and Greyson Griepentrog

    Griepentrog, Greyson v. Banner Health - $31,550,825 Verdict - Maricopa County, Arizona

    November 2023

       RECORD VERDICT AGAINST BANNER HEALTH FOR MALPRACTICE On Friday, November 17, 2023, a Maricopa County jury returned a unanimous verdict against Banner Health in the record amount of $31,550,825 in a case of medical malpractice for a severely brain-damaged child. The jury found Banner, its empl... Read On

  • Sosa v. DJI Technologies - $31 Million Verdict - Los Angeles, California

    Sosa, Cesar Octavio v. DJI Technologies et al - $31 Million Verdict - Los Angeles, California

    November 2017

    Gary Dordick's client Cesar Sosa was awarded a $31 million verdict by a Los Angeles Superior Court jury, consisting of $9 million in future medical expenses, $456,000 in past medical expenses, $1.7 in future lost wages, and $20 million in non-economic damages. Sosa sustained multiple bone fractures, a left leg amputation, and suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was hit by a vehicle while he was walking near Los Angeles International Airport in the middle of the night. The jury found both the driver, Michael Shabun, and his employer, DJI Technologies, liable even though Shabun was in the process of returning home from a business trip.  Read On

  • Brock v. Doe - $30 Million Settlement - Santa Barbara, California

    Brock v. Doe - $30 Million Settlement - Santa Barbara, California

    January 2022

    Gary Dordick secured a $30 million settlement for Jonathan Brock, whose life was forever changed when the mast of a special forklift fell on top of him. Read On

  • Anton Yelchin v. Fiat - CONFIDENTIAL Settlement - Los Angeles, California

    Anton Yelchin v. Fiat – CONFIDENTIAL Settlement - Los Angeles, California

    March 2018

    In August of 2016, Gary A. Dordick announced the filing in Los Angeles of a lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler motor company for a defective transmission which lead to the untimely death of tremendously gifted and talented actor Anton Yelchin. In March of 2018 a confidential settlement was announced.  Read On

  • Zesatti v. Doe - $17 Million Settlement- Los Angeles, California

    Zesatti v. Doe Construction - $17 Million Settlement- Los Angeles, California

    May 2017

    Gary Dordick's client sustained massive head and spinal trauma, including traumatic brain injury, when the car she was riding in struck a tractor-trailer making a prohibited right-turn into a retail distribution center. Read On

  • Los Angeles Crosswalk - Rodriguez v. City of LA - $15 Million Settlement

    Rodriguez v. City of Los Angeles - $15 Million Settlement - California Supreme Court

    February 2015

    Angela Rodriguez was 11 years old when she was struck by a car due to a dangerous and unsafe intersection in Los Angeles, California. Her sister, Emely Aleman, was killed in the accident. Despite notice of the dangers of the intersection, the City of Los Angeles refused to offer any amount to resolve Ms. Rodriguez's claim. Read On

  • Lambert v. General Motors - $15 Million Verdict - Victorville, California

    Lambert v. General Motors - $15 Million Verdict - Victorville, California

    November 1998

    Robbie Lambert was an 18 year-old high school student who suffered paralyzing injuries after rolling his Chevy Blazer. The lawsuit was against General Motors for the defective design of the roof structure of the vehicle. After a one-month  trial, a Victorville jury returned a verdict in Robbie’s favor in the amount of $15 million. Read On

  • Dinkleman v. State of California - $12.5 Million Settlement - Los Angeles/San Bernardino

    Dinkleman v. State of California - $12.5 Million Settlement - Los Angeles/San Bernardino

    April 2004

    Gary A. Dordick and his colleagues obtained a $12.5 million settlement representing numerous family members in a single-vehicle crash that occurred on Interstate15. Mr. Dordick claimed that the road conditions on the desert highway were unsafe and the State of California Caltrans was aware that many vehicles drift off this section of Interstate 15 due to its proximity to Las Vegas and overtired motorists. After a monthlong trial, immediately before the jury began deliberations, the State of California paid the plaintiffs’ settlement demand in the amount of $12.5 million dollars. Read On

  • Johnston, Teresa v. University Community Association - $14 Million Settlement- Orange County

    Johnston, Teresa v. University Community Association - $14 Million Settlement - Orange County, California

    March 2019

    Teresa Johnston, age thirteen, was acting as a good samaritan and walking the dog of an elderly neighbor in the University community complex when one of the trees in the common area fell. Teresa suffered severe and life-altering injuries including head trauma, TBI, and facial fractures. The case settled for $14 million in March of 2019, one month before the trial date.  Read On

  • Schmidt v. State of California - $11.6 Million Verdict - Riverside, California

    Schmidt v. State of California - $11.6 Million Verdict - Riverside, California

    December 2009

    Mr. Schmidt, an 77-year-old retired attorney, was traveling on State Route 62 to meet his family for a vacation at Lake Havasu, Arizona. Unable to see a stop sign in time, he crashed into a five-foot stony embankment just beyond a T-intersection. The case was tried to a Riverside County jury and the jury returned a verdict in Mr. Schmidt’s favor in the amount of $11,621,064. This was one of the highest damage awards ever for loss of consortium. Read On

  • Velasco v. Trucking Co (CONFIDENTIAL). - $10.9 Million Settlement - San Bernardino

    Velasco v. Trucking Co (CONFIDENTIAL). - $10.9 Million Settlement - San Bernardino, California

    January 2017

    Gary Dordick's client, Juan Velasco, was involved in a multi-vehicle collision in June of 2016. Velasco suffered serious injuries resulting in quadriplegia when he was rear-ended by a construction vehicle. The force of the collision drove him into the car immediately ahead of him. Read On

  • Ruelas v. State of California - $10.1 Million Verdict - San Bernadino

    Ruelas v. State of California - $10.1 Million Verdict - San Bernadino, California

    July 2010

    Gary Dordick was lead counsel on the case of Ruelas v. State of California, taking on the State of California's youth prison system. A San Bernadino jury unanimously sided with the plaintiffs. “It sends a message that California’s prison system can’t just sit back and let the abuses occur,” said Gary Dordick. “They have to take affirmative action to protect the wards. Prison staff were warned repeatedly that Shelby was a sexual predator and absolutely nothing was done about it.” Read On

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