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Rodriguez v. Doe - $36.12 Million Arbitration Verdict - Alameda County, California

September 2011

Rodriguez v. Doe was an Alameda County arbitration verdict in the amount of $36.12 million. The defendant is called "Doe" because Gary A. Dordick entered into a very favorable settlement agreement post-verdict that provided confidentiality to the defendant in exchange for payment to Mr. Dordick's client without delay.

The Rodriguez case arose out of a big-rig truck versus automobile collision on the I-580 freeway. The plaintiffs stopped their vehicle on the side of the freeway. The defendant big-rig truck claimed the vehicle was cut off by a motorcycle causing him to swerve into the rear of the plaintiff's parked vehicle, but the truth was proven at trial. 

Our client, Rodriguez, suffered injuries rending him paraplegic. 

Practice area(s): Car / Auto Accident, Civil Litigation, Litigation, Personal Injury, Trucking Accident

Court: Alameda County

Gary A. Dordick

Owner | Managing Attorney

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